About Us

We are the future of Social TV

“The future of TV is already upon us.
Driven by technology advances, business model challenges, and consumer behavior, over the next five to ten years, TV as we know it will be a thing of the past.” – Bill Gerhardt, Director, IBSG Service Provider Cisco Networks

Stream Music TV is our live streaming network and platform. We believe Social TV is the Future. We concentrate on showcasing the best established and upcoming talent directly to social media outlets such as facebook, youtube and instagram.

The mission of Stream Music TV is to be come the premiere destination for live music experiences. We showcase concerts, interviews, awards shows, biopics, vignettes and behind the scenes exposés.

We have experienced tremendous growth in recent months and are continuing to improve on our model. We partner with Artists, Brands, and Venues to create compelling content that resonates with the coveted and crucial online Millennial and Generation Z audiences. These audiences have long cut the cord and seek out the content they love online. We take the content to where the user wants to consume it; SOCIAL TV, IPTV, WEB, MOBILE.

With every live stream broadcast we see increasing levels of viewership, social reach and engagement. This momentum has garnered Stream Music TV attention from investors & major record labels such as Universal, Sony/ Epic, Atlantic, RCA, Interscope Records, AEG Live, Radio One Network & Rich Media a Tom Joyner Company. This interest has allowed us to act as a conduit for the discovery of new talent by these entities and for established acts to reinvigorate their brand by reaching a new generation of audiences through the medium of live streaming geared towards Millennials & Generation Z that primarily consume content through mobile and social networks.


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